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I’m Camilla, he’s Jay + we’re the Hancocks. My job? Capturing love. Because of this unique honor, I like to call myself a, “Capturer of Moments.” You know, because I am real good at showing you what your love + life looks like.

I have listened to a lot of ceremonies, watched a lot of brides walk down an aisle. I have seen lots of dads make their babies laugh + mamas comfort their little ones during a session. I have be apart of a lot of life moments + to be honest with you, that really means so much to me. I will tear up during your fathers toast, I’ll cry during your mother son dance, + I’ll probably sniffle editing your family session. I have embraced my emotional side, it serves me well here. Being a wife, mother, friend, I’ve done what you’re coming to me for. I’ve planned my wedding, loved my husband, had babies. I’m no pro, but I do understand what is important, + it’s those moments, the moments that make up the big stuff. + I am here for it. I’m good at capturing life + I hope you choose me for it.

While not standing around with a camera in front of my face, I am a parents to two real cute babes, a dog, I tend chickens, + we love our home + the time spent there. Based in the Sacramento area, I love being in the middle of so many beautiful venues, locations + travel often for love.


We Capture Moments

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